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Classic full body massage with a duration of 60 minutes

Enjoy an enjoyable experience. Steal some time for yourself. Massage has proven to have a positive effect on the whole body. Stay in the hands of the professionals at Li Spa Center and enjoy the result.

The voucher includes:

60 min classic full body massage;
Each voucher purchased receives a 60% discount on an optional procedure from all offered procedures from the Li Spa Center in Delhi.

Advance booking is required by tel: +91 9560514307

Classical massage is applied for the purpose of complete relaxation and toning of the body. The purpose of massage is to stimulate the immune system, optimize blood circulation and relax the muscles, resulting in the body being completely rid of fatigue. So, apart from your mental health, you also take care of being in good physical shape. Do not neglect the care of your health, and treat yourself to a massage whenever you can. In this way you help yourself, your body and your psyche.

Li Spa offers individual and group procedures for orthopedic, traumatological and neurological diseases, corrective and group gymnastics, physiotherapy – low frequency currents, ultrasound, color therapy, classic massage, anti-cellulite massage, massage therapy with honey, massage therapy with honey with seawater).

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